CJ123 CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine Coupling Plate Video

CJ123 CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine Coupling Plate Video

IPM ® CJ 123 CNC Hydraulic High-Speed Punching/Drilling Machine for steel plate,Thickness of workpiece 5 ~ 25mm,Punching marking and drilling operations on one plate;high workpiece accuracy.
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Metal Hole Punch Machine Technical Characters:
Integrated machine with mechanical, electric and hydraulic systems;
PLC control, two axes servo motor drive;
Workpiece diagrammatic display;
Self-diagnostic function;
Easy programming, connectable with data generated directly from copying specimen.
Sheet Metal Hole Punch Advantages:
Modular assembling for main functional parts, easy maintenance;
Punching marking and drilling operations on one plate;
Efficient drilling operation by fast approach, slow working and  fast return program;
When programming, only punching diameter, location and quantity of workpiece should be input or connected with design department to interchange date; decrease labor intensity, high workpiece accuracy.
Please note that our plate punching and drilling machine can be used for punching and marking of angles. Angle size ranged from 65x5 to 160x6.

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