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Sheet metal processing machine best cnc machines by cnc machine, punching machine, milling, cutting, sawing, marking and other processing, to achieve the various components of finished / semi-finished products, manufacturing Tower hole punching machine, the steel industry and other metal gusset plate punching machine  typing.

Company's products through digital procedures, best cnc machines and for steel plate drilling, punching machine, milling, cutting, sawing, marking and other processing, and can achieve multi-functional, multi-step automatic continuous production, fully embodies the complete sets , complex, efficient, large-scale, Flexible features of CNC punching machine tools, cnc tools which is the mainstream of the international development trend of CNC punching equipment industry.

Tube sheet is widely used in shell and tube heat exchangers, boilers, pressure vessels, steam turbines, large central air-conditioning industry. Mainly used in chemical container, such as a shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, condensers, central air conditioning, evaporators, desalination, play a supportive role in the fixed tube hole punching machine, metal material so that it not only has a strong rigid, and has a large thermal conductivity. Tube sheet for three or four types of pressure vessels require relatively high precision, the traditional processing method is fitter crossed hole, Rocker cnc punching machine. In recent years, large-scale, the diameter of the tube plate is also increasing gradually thicker thickness, tube plate processing chemical containers also introduced numerical control technology, Now commonly used CNC punching drilling hole lead with radial drill make hole machining. The use of high-efficiency high-precision machining centers to do hole machining has gradually been accepted by some large enterprises. Currently large thick tube sheet needs nuclear power, desalination, and central air conditioning heat exchangers field exhibits a growing trend.

Sieve best cnc machines  widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical, food, salt, and environmental protection industries. Screening liquids, powders and other materials. Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical purification,drill machine drilling fluid purification and other industries. Important part of the process as a sieve plate processing, IPMMC multi-axis CNC punching machines tools sieve improve manufacturing efficiency, good stability, simple operation, easy to understand without experience.

CNC punching Machinery and equipment advantages:
Main features modular assembly, easy maintenance;
Can be achieved punching, printing and drilling work on the same plate;
Drilling unit having air travel fast forward, slow working and fast return functions, improve work efficiency;
When the degree of preparation, just type pore size, location, number of tardy jobs, provide the network interface can be configured with LAN design department, shared data resources;
Low Labor working strength and high precision of workpieces;

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