JX2532 CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Line(patent)

JX2532 CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Line(patent)

JX2532 CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Line(patent)

CNC Angle Drilling machine Technical Characteristics:


Integrated machine with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic elements;

Angle iron drill Numerical controlled, three axes servo motor driven;

Drilling power head upside;

Criterion can be set arbitrarily, no limits of number of drilling rows;

Drill angle steel Electric, hydraulic pneumatic parts are all imported famous brand;

Programming method: keyboard and mouse input, USB interface input, net interface input, remote network monitoring;

CNC Drill hole in angle iron Easy programming, can use procedure data generated directly by copying the specimen;

Graphic display of workpiece;

Self-diagnostic function.


CNC Angle Drilling machine Advantages:

Rigid and compact structure;

Double side angle drilling, high working efficiency;

Drill angle iron With power head upside, cooling water won’t enter drilling pole and transmission box;

All equipment installed above the ground easy to repair and maintenance;

Angle drill machine No need to lay our pit, save cost;

CNC marking line No chip enter the pit, easy to remove the chip;

CNC Angle Drilling machine Remote network monitoring;

Decrease labor intensity, ensure working accuracy and stability.


CNC Angle drill machine drill angle steel  machine Main Technical Specifications:


Model JX2532
Size of angle(mm) 140x140x12-250x250x32
Max drilling diameter(mm) Φ40
Quantity of drilling bit each side 3
Stroke of spindle(mm) 240
Rotating speed of spindle(r/min) 180-760(stepless adjustable)
Quantity of CNC axes 3
Quantity of marking character 18
Dimension of marking character(mm) 14x10x20/12.5x20x20
Marking force(kN) 1000
Max length of workpiece(m) 12
Feed-in speed of angle on X axes 10-40(stepless adjustable)
Working pressure of hydraulic system High-pressure(Mpa) 25
Low-pessure(Mpa) 6
X axis(KW) 4.4
A、B axis(KW) 2.0
Hydraulic motor power(KW) 15
Power head on A、B side(KW) 4.0
Adjustment range of criterion(mm) 48-220(stepless adjustable)
Working accuracy In accordance with GB2694-2003
Outline dimension(m) 30x7x2.6


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