QZW Angle Steel Notching Bending Machine

QZW Angle Steel Notching Bending Machine

QZW Angle Steel Notching Bending Machine


QZW120 angle Hydraulic Corner Notching Bending Machine



CNC Angle Steel Cutting Machine Uses and Features:




QWZ120 Hydraulic notching machine angle bending machine notching machine can be used for specifications or less bent angle of L200 × 200× 20, in addition to the device came with a single outer mold is also equipped with a double mold, eliminating the need for any other user with mold and mold, the device can also be curved fire operations in bending notching simply follow the requirements of the aircraft operating instructions for first commissioning pieces, continuous operation can be carried out after the first qualifying member. Angle notching machine single and double curved mold replacement is simple and convenient, angle iron machine the most hours can be replaced complete.





Notching CNC Machine Main Technical Specifications:

Model : ZW120 QZW120
Angle Size (mm): 30x30x3 - 120x120x12 30x30x3 - 120x120x8
Notching (bending) Force (KN) 150 760
Bending Angle Size 90° 90°
System Pressure (Mpa) 10 25
Motor Power (Kw) 4 7.5
Maching Format Horizontal Bending

Vertical Cutting Angle,

Horizontal Bending

Operation Method Manual Manual

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