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Digital Control Angle Steel Processing Production Line Elect
1 Profile
2   Start Machine and Choose Working Way
3   Operation under Adjustment Way
3.1 Back to Reference Point
3.2 Manual Operation machine
3.3 Axis Positioning
3.4 Automatic Length Measurement
4 Automatic Operation
4.1 Piece Programming
4.1.1 Piece Procedure Management
4.1.2 New Piece Procedrue Establishment
4.1.3 Piecce Procedure Edit
4.1.4 Piece Procedure Check and Preview
4.1.5 Piece Procedure Copy, Name Change and Deletion
4.2 Piece Procedure Generated by Sampling Software
4.3 Material Arrangment
4.3.1 New Material Arrangment Document Establishment
4.3.2 Material Arrangment Document Edit
4.3.3 Material Arrangment Document Download
4.3.4 Material Arrangment Document Name Change and Deletion
4.4 Automatic Implementation
5 Other Operations
5.1 Produciton Volume Statistics
5.2 Word Model Arrangment Table
5.3 Failure Check
5.4 Target Procedure Monitoring
5.5 PLC Monitoring
5.5.1 PLC Input and Output Point Monitoring
5.5.2 PLC Special Coil and Register Monitoring
6  Parameter Set
6.1 Machine Parameter
6.2  PLC Communication
6.2.1 PLC Remote Control Run and Stop
6.2.2 PLC Procedure Upload and Download
6.3 Color Plate
7 Maintenance
Appenditx : Failure Information

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