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CNC Tube Sheet/Flange Drilling && Milling Processing Machines

IPM CNC drilling machine mainly applied to the petroleum, chemical, boilers, nuclear power and wind power and other industries. CNC drilling machine is mainly used for processing flanges, heat exchangers, drilling tools tube plates and the like.

IPM drilling brand products include: CNC tube plate flange plane drilling machine, CNC drilling tools tube sheet high-speed drill machine, large CNC gantry high-speed tube plate drilling machine, CNC special flange drilling machine, gantry CNC plane drilling machine, CNC Double Column high-speed drilling machine, CNC drilling and milling attack machine, Movable gantry CNC drilling machine.

Industry: steel structures, towers, bridges, CNC drill machine machinery processing machine and other industries webs, to the feet of drilling. Products industry: used in petrochemical, boiler, refrigeration, wind power and other industries pipe flange plate, baffle, flange drilling, can also be used in buildings, bridges, towers and other steel in the drilling of the coupling plate.

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, tapping and other processing Fabrication. In automobiles, motorcycles, shipbuilding, aerospace, construction machinery industry; especially for extra-long stack of plates, rails, structural steel, and other pieces of the porous tube, etc., IPMMC become the first choice of all types of drilling large parts. Gantry CNC drilling machine is mainly used in mobile flange, boiler and heat exchanger tube plate drilling. Carbide drill tools can be used for high-speed drilling, you can also use the high-speed steel twist drill. CNC machining process control systems, can be automated, high-precision, multi-species, high-volume production.

IPM CNC drill machine advantages: High precision machined parts, quality and stability. IPM CNC machine tools drilling tools positioning precision CNC drilling and repeatability of positioning accuracy is very high, it was easier to ensure the consistency of a group of part size, as long as the correct and reasonable process design and procedures, combined with careful operation, you can ensure that parts get higher precision, but also easy implement quality control process.
IPM Drilling Machines is designed through the feature of heat exchanger, it can be used for drilling the hole of tube sheet, hole of bolt also it can be used for handling of joint plate of steel structure etc;
It has the system of multi-clamp, automatic chip removal and refrigeration circulation;
All kinds of safe monitoring and alarm stop system: the machine will stop if the drill breaks or other contingency happens, in order to avoid mechanical failure;
Easy operation, drilling tools lower the possibility of misoperation and the affect of human factor to the quality of the CNC drill machine;
Realizing CAD/CAM(can be operated once the interrelated file is folded).  

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