What can I expect for manufacturing quality?
You can expect every machine to meet the specifications recorded in our inspection report. The castings are high quality, using a resin-based casting system instead of the crude sand casting methods typical of low cost Chinese machinery. Resin based casting delivers more uniform castings with consistent wall and web thickness. Way grinding is performed on modern CNC surface grinders before final fitting is completed by craftsmen using hand scraping techniques. Ballscrews are hand fitted and inspected. Electric motors are built to the highest standards at modern factories – the same motors we use are also private labeled by some of the most well respected worldwide brands. All new machines are painted with an Acylated Alkyd Resin/Amino Resin Paint which adheres strongly to metal surfaces and is resistant to oil and common cutting fluids.

About IPM®

IPM® is the biggest manufacturer of CNC Drilling Machine in quantities, all around the world.
IPM Machinery in CNC Angle iron working and CNC drilling machine technologies once again demonstrated that it knows no boundaries.

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