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IPM ® is a CNC Angle Line for Punching Cutting and Marking and CNC drilling machine professional manufacturer.

IPM ® As a professional CNC machine company dealing with automatic processing and production lines and devicesfor shaped sections and plates, our company's main business scope is to design and manufacture machines for shaped sections and steel structure. IPM ® products are divided into six categories CNC machine tools,They are: Angle Iron Processing Machinery-Machines ,Metal Plate processing machinery,drilling && milling machines,Steel structure/stereo garage processing machinery,Tube tower processing Welding machinery,etc. Our main products are: CNC Angle Line for Punching Cutting and Marking, CNC Hydraulic Plate Punching/Drilling Machine, CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Machine, High-speed CNC Drilling Machine for Tube Sheet/Flange, CNC Tube Sheet/Flange Drilling Machine, CNC drilling machine for H beam,CNC drilling and milling machine,CNC drilling and tapping machine,Gantry type drilling milling and boring machining center,Double-Column RotationAngle Band Sawing Machine,Notching Machine Tools for Angle Steel, Rolling type angle straighteningmachine,Hydraulic Angle Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Marking Machine,Chamfering(beveling) Machinefor plate, Universal and special purpose hydraulic machines etc.Of which,the products such a Numerical Controlled Fully Automatic Processing and Production Line forAngle Steel, Numerical Controlled Fully Automatic Punching/Drilling Machine and MarkingMachine for Joint Plate, High-speed CNC Drilling Machine for Tube Sheet/Flange have remarkable influence on iron tower processing industry,chemical,steel structure,and stereo garage industry. IPM ® makes significant investments to the R&D department to continuously offer better products to customers. IPM, having a yearly production capacity of over eight hundred machines in average thanks to its continuously developed metal working technology expands its customer portfolio each year and diversifies its regional and sectoral markets. Thanks to its high quality CNC equipment products, IPM proved its competitiveness in the strongest markets of the world like Europe and America and presents its assertive position about exploring new markets. With these specialties, IPM became the solution partner of hundreds of enterprises in five continents. IPM both continues to develop with the permanent self-renewing structure and works as a consultant agency for the customers trying to improve their equipment tools.
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