BCJ122 CNC Punching Shearing for Flat Bars and Angles Steel

BCJ122 CNC Punching Shearing for Flat Bars and Angles Steel

BCJ122 CNC Punching Shearing for Flat Bars and Angles Steel

 BCJ122 CNC Punching Shearing for Flat Bars and Angles Steel.


The main CNC punching and shearing machine performance parameters
1, the device consists of: The equipment consists of NC feed car, punching shear host, cutting road, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, control system.
2,Hole punch for metal  CNC feed material passage: to undertake rough material, and the material positioned against the side of the other NC material feed channel is car travel guide and driver support, the effective length of 10 meters.
3, Hole punch for metal NC feed car: rough material sandwiched and fed along the feed channel CNC.


Punching Metal Machine Technical Characteristics:


Integrated machine with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic elements;

punching metal Numerical controlled, three axes servo motor drive;

Metal sheet punching machine Infinite gauge lines and no limits of the hole rows;

Imported electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic elements;

IPM CNC punching machines Easy programming, connectable with data files generated directly by copying the specimen;

Diagrammatic display of workpiece;

Self-diagnostic function.


Iron Marking Machines Advantages:


Rigid and compact structure;

Steel plate punching machine High productivity with automatic marking, punching and cutting off and stacking operations;

Only size of angle, diameter of hole, position and number of workpiece are needed to be put in during programming. Providing net interface, data can be shared by connecting production line with the local network of designing department;

Several measures to solve the feeding and positioning difficulties caused by great bending deflection of angles;

IPM CNC machines High material utilization with optimum pattering;

Low labor working strength and high precious of workpieces.





Punching shear unit


Workpiece dimensions

width 60-500mm, length 500-12000mm

Punching thickness of the workpiece


Punching force


Number of stations

2 (1 punching , 1 Marking)

Punching aperture range

Hole Φ6 -Φ40mm

Minimum end distance


Margin regulation mode

Manual adjustment

Shear force

1600 kN

Maximum shear thickness


Maximum cut width


Minimum length of the tail material


Feed path length


Hydraulic system:Provide power punching,

 shearing and press material

Power 22KW

Control System

PC plus PLC control


In Accordance With GB2694-2003

Quantity of CNC Axis


Servo motor power

X-axis 4KW ; Y-axis 2KW

Feeding speed steel

20 m/min

Device for punching, shearing average frequency

25 beats / min

Body Weight

About  11000kg

Overall dimension

26000X5000X2600 mm


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