Steel construction process

Steel construction process

[Process] steel construction steel components factory manufacture (loft, item number, cutting, hole making, edge processing, small assembly, final assembly, processing ends and the friction surface treatment, painting, shipping) → preparation steel installation Programme (crane retreat field program, member lifting program, field stitching program, installation QA program) approach → transport → steel member steel components on-site installation (temporary mounting bracket structure is mounted total order stopping point crane and lifting times arrangement, lifting construction safety measures, etc.)

Steel engineering drawings into the design and construction details, construction details (often referred to deepen design) prepared by the steel factory or construction units. Steel manufacturers have a special design development department, responsible for the design of steel structure detailed break down for ease of processing detail.
In the 1980s, steel factories, even in Japan usually have a large loft floor, for full scale complex steel components loft for the designer checks. Ruler ends with Rally spring tension. Now available computer simulation. Complex nodes with special paper to print directly loft.
Approach rolled H-beam forming raw materials such as classification and piled into the Library Manager.

For non-standard specifications of the H-beam welding, the flange and web are made of long straight cutting machine to cut steel strip, welded.

H-beam spot welding assembly production line available special automatic assembly machine, steel grip, alignment, positioning spot welding processes such as automatic control, high speed, high efficiency.
H-beam welding production line is equipped with automatic submerged arc welding machine, automatic welding machine gantry Pictured boat position welding.

Band saws for cutting steel, round, round and square steel, high efficiency, good quality of the cut surface.

Correction processing of steel or steel components can be used hydraulic machine correction, correction or heating.


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