LTX Series CNC Gantry Type Machining Center

LTX Series CNC Gantry Type Machining Center

LTX Series CNC Gantry Type Machining Center

LTX Series CNC Gantry Type CNC Machining Center

This CNC mill drill machine mainly used for milling and boring,with the function of drilling and tapping.Matching with right angle milling head and universal milling head can realize 5 face machining.

CNC Milling Machine Standard accessory

Work light 
Tool box 
Gear box of spindle 
mill drill machine Tool cooling function 
Rigid tapping 
cnc milling Automatic clip removal device 
Heat exchanger 
Three color warning light 
RS232 interface and DNC function 
Spindle blowing device 
cnc milling machine Cutting blowing device 
Constant temperature cooling system of spindle 
Grating scale control of X/Y axis 
CNC Milling Machine for Sale Special accessory

The fourth axis and rotary work table
Grating scale control of Z axis
Edge detector
Oil and water separation device
Planetary gearbox 
Workpiece measurement system 
CNC mill drill machine Tool measurement system 
Air conditioner of electric cabinet 
Accessory milling head 
Inner cooling device of spindle


CNC machining center Main technical parameters:(For different models,the parameters are changed slightly)


Model LTX2016 LTX4020 LTX 6522
Stroke of X axis mm 2000 4000 6500
Stroke of Y axis mm 2600 2800 3000
Stroke of Z axis mm 800 1200 1200
Distance between the nose of spindle to work table mm 300-1100 400-1600 400-1600
Max height of workpiece 950 1450 1450
Inner width of gantry column 2400 3000 3200
Work table
Dimension of work table mm 2000*1600 4000*2000 6500*2200
22*8*160 28*9*200 28*10*200
Max load-bearing of work table kg 6000 12000 16000
Rotating speed of spindle rpm 10-6000
Type of spindle BT50 BT50 BT50
Motor power of spindle kw 22/30,SIEMENS 22/30,SIEMENS 22/30,SIEMENS
Rated torque Nm 1050
Fast movement speed m.min X:12,Y: 12,Z:10 X:12,Y:12,Z:10 X:10,Y:12,Z:10
Three axis servo drive torque X:41,Y:41,Z:41 X:65,Y:41,Z:65 X:61,Y:41,Z:65
Positioning accuracy of X、Y、Z axis   mm 0.04/0.03/0.03 0.04/0.03/0.03 0.04/0.03/0.03
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.03/0.02/0.02 0.03/0.02/0.02 0.03/0.02/0.02
Power supply capacity 45 58 60
Net weight of the machine kg 48000 53000 69000
Outline dimension(L*W*H)mm
6500*4200*4500 10800*5400*5500 16200*5600*5500
Tool magazine
Type of tool magazine Mechanical cam/chain mode(choosing by customer)
Capacity of tool magazine 24(32、40、50、60choosing by customer)
Max diameter of tool  mm 125/245(Adjoin relief)
Max length of tool  mm 400
Max weight of tool  kg 25
Tool change time(tool to tool) second 2.5(2.9)


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