Forging operating machine 2
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Forging operating machine 

The T31 series forging manipulators produced by our company have specifications ranging from 0.3 to 200 tons. They can hold forgings of 0.3 to 200 tons and operate them freely on the forging hammer or press to complete various required actions for forging. Its structural form is divided into: direct moving type, rotary type, swing type, translation type and other movement forms. The transmission form can be divided into: full mechanical, full hydraulic, mechanical and hydraulic hybrid and other driving forms. The equipment can complete six Big movements: the cart moves forward and backward, the clamp frame lifts and lowers front and back, the clamp frame tilts, the clamp head is clamped and loosened, the clamp head rotates, the platform rotates or the clamp frame swings and translates. Its transmission form and structural form can be customized according to the user's requirements Designed and manufactured according to on-site conditions and actual needs, it is an ideal auxiliary equipment for the forging host.



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